Monday, January 21, 2013

against second inaugurations

i don't see any point in having a second inauguration. i'm referring to the parties and celebration, not the second inaugural address. the point of an inauguration is to celebrate a new president and a peaceful handover of power (both things worth celebrating, IMHO, even in years when i don't approve of the incoming administration). but when a president is reelected, neither applies. so what are we celebrating? that obama won last november? i thought that was what the election night parties were about.

crowing about an incumbent's electoral victory is the opposite of the point of an inaugural celebration. it's neither about a handover of power nor a new president. and instead of being about those ideals, things that everyone can get behind even if they supported the other side, a victory dance doesn't bring anyone together. i was happy to head down to washington to see history being made in 2009. it never occurred to me to do it this year. (and that, mr. weasel, is all that's going on with this. jeez, do i really need to state the obvious?)

that's not to say that i am against the tradition of having a second inaugural address. it's worthwhile to have a president publicly spell out what he wants to do in his second term. i just don't see why there has to be a big party.