Tuesday, February 26, 2013

a way out for the GOP

jon chait notes that congressional republicans don't seem to have an end game for the sequester showdown, even in the face of almost sure political defeat. chait suggests they have no solution because there isn't one that preserves their only real goal, making sure that rich people pay less in taxes.

but there is a solution, here's what i would do if i were them: slip that one sentence repeal of the sequester into some routine bill that is sure to pass. wait until after the president signs it, and then scream bloody murder about the democrats' dirty tricks. that would end this crisis without having rich people pay anything more. it would also allow them find a way out without betraying their loyal troops, maybe even rallying their anger against the duplicitous kenyan usurper and his communist minions in congress. and again, rich people won't have their taxes go up. so they would get everything they want.

the only downside would be if someone figured out that republicans were behind the repeal. but odds are, even if that were discovered, it wouldn't be reported on fox news. the true believers would remain outraged in their blissful ignorance, safely tucked in the cozy confines of the rightwing media bubble.