Monday, February 25, 2013

all congress does is play chicken with the economy

just a week or two ago, i thought it never would happen. i was sure that the parties would ultimately reach some last-minute (possibly worse than the sequester itself) deal that would kick the can further down the road and to set up a brand new manufactured crisis at some point in the near future, just so that we won't have to cut our precious defense department. that's still possible, we're not at the last minute yet, but we're getting close and suddenly it looks like they really are willing to crash the economy for the sake of their stupid political game.

so will they do it? are they really that crazy? or will the last minute deal still happen? i'm still betting on a last-minute deal. members of congress may be blasé about the effects of the cuts, but the businesses who will be effected aren't. if in doubt, bet that the business interests who donate to campaigns will get what they want. so that's what i'm betting, but i'm still in doubt.