Monday, February 18, 2013

congressional republicans are a bunch of babies

so let me get this straight, the president's immigration plan is "dead on arrival" and "counterproductive", not because of any specific policy reason, but because the president proposed it first instead of waiting for congress to write their own bill?

maybe they have actual substantive problems with the president's plan, but then they should identify those problems with the president's plan. they're not going to do that because the president's plan is quite similar to the rubio plan. i guess all that leaves is the idiotic "he shouldn't have proposed it first!" objection.

who proposed what first is not a criticism. this is made even stupider by the fact that the president didn't actually propose his plan first. this draft bill wasn't supposed to be released, it was leaked to USA today (maybe the leak was intentional, but i haven't seen anyone address that question directly. not that it matters all that much).