Wednesday, February 06, 2013

the end of the fox era?

fox news' credibility is at a record low, although 41% of the public trusting the channel still seems unreasonably high to me.

it's interesting to see the fox news brand start to fail. it's ratings are down. it's become more common for people, even non-political people i know, to refer to fox news as more of a predictable partisan shill than a credible news source. although that's what i have thought of the channel for a while now, fox somehow managed to maintain an undeserved acceptance as a legitimate news source throughout the two thousand-zeros. the notion that fox was something different were so non-mainstream, efforts like "outfoxed" had to resort to guerrilla marketing and parties for distribution.

on the one hand, it's not surprising that the channel's sometime outrageous behavior would eventually catch up to it. but on the other, i can't believe they maintained their credibility for so long. they really did have a remarkable run. i hope it's finally coming to an end.