Monday, June 03, 2013

party of the rich

a lot of liberal bloggers are linking to this politico write-up of the college republican national committee's report on why the GOP lost the youth vote in the 2012 election. and no wonder they are, there's a lot of good stuff in there!

according to the report, among the few republican policies that are actually popular with the next generation of voters are economic.  but the GOP still manages to blow it because they come across as a party that only gives a shit about the wealthy:
“Policies that lower taxes and regulations on small businesses are quite popular. Yet our focus on taxation and business issues has left many young voters thinking they will only reap the benefits of Republican policies if they become wealthy or rise to the top of a big business,” the report says. “We’ve become the party that will pat you on your back when you make it but won’t offer you a hand to help you get there.”
which is a nice contrast to this argument by john tamney, an editor at forbes, that the republican party should openly embrace the party of the rich label. yes, he appears to be serious. i guess he didn't hear about that CRNC report.