Thursday, December 12, 2013

Ruble Symbol

Well, it wasn't my choice, but the one they chose is not a bad symbol. It's interesting that the Russians chose not to go with any of the variants that incorporated the Latin "R" as well as the Cyrillic "Р" (which is pronounced like a "R" and is the first letter in the word "Ruble" when written in Russian (Рубль)). Maybe this demonstrates a more xenophobic turn. Or maybe they just liked the simpler design better.

On the other hand, the dollar sign doesn't incorporate the first letter of that units English name in its symbol. I'm not sure why $ is based on an S. Or, for that matter, why is the British Pound based on the letter L? If the Brits had used a symbol based on a P, the new Ruble symbol might have been taken.