Sunday, March 23, 2014

Chocolution 12: Dandelion, Patanemo, Venezuela 2012 Harvest

Dandelion Chocolate is all of the current trends in highfalutin chocolates rolled up into one. It's single source, small batch, hand crafted, and organic. It's also limited edition. The particular bar I got, from the 2012 harvest of beans raised in Patanemo, VE, is no longer offered. (I guess limited quantities is part of being "small batch"). The Dandelion web site has a blog that goes into detail about how each particular batch is made (here is the August 2013 blog entry about the co-op in Patanemo that produced the cocoa beans from my bar).

But what really distinguishes Dandelion is the boast that its bars are simplicity itself: the ingredients are cocoa beans and sugar. That's it. Okay, it doesn't have a hand written or stamped on batch number (it does have a batch number, as you can see in the above image, but it is printed neatly on the label), but the back does have the handwritten initials of the chocolatier.

While I liked this bar--and don't get me wrong, it is much better than common candy store chocolate--it is far from my favorite among the Chocolution bars. Maybe purity is overrated.