Friday, April 17, 2015

Ted Cruz is half right about something (but the not-right half is really not right)

I'm no fan of Ted Cruz, but Treehouse of Horror VII is a great episode, especially the "Citizen Kang" segment at the end. I will even endorse Cruz's favorite quote from the episode as one of the best parts.

But he is totally and completely wrong to think that "Round Springfield" is any good. Seriously? That is easily the weakest episode of Season Six. Worse even than the clip show. Cruz's misguided opinion is even worse when you consider how many really great episodes there are in that season. I mean, this is a season with "Sideshow Bob Roberts", "Itchy and Scratchy Land", "Treehouse of Horror V" (that's the one with the Shining parody), "Homer the Great" (the stonecutters episode), and "Who Shot Mr. Burns Part One" (the better of the two parts). Just writing this post makes me want to run home and watch the entire season except the sullen depressing "Round Springfield." (Yes, I own the season on DVD).

(via Memeorandum)