Friday, September 25, 2015

Boehner's exit will be good for the Democrats

Maybe I'm in the minority, but I think John Boehner's resignation will end up being good for the Democrats. Yes, I realize that all his likely successors for Speaker of the House are probably worse. But that just means that the first government shut down or debt ceiling stand-off after October will not end with John Boehner caving and facing the wrath of the Republican base. It will end with some even more radical leader try to hold out a little longer, only to realize as Boehner did that he ultimately has no choice and then inevitably backing down. Only with the next House leader, the stand off will take longer, further damaging the Republican brand outside of the rabid GOP base, and proving, once again, that these clowns are not fit to govern just as we are moving into a Presidential election year. Plus, the Republican base will have higher expectations for the new leader, which means when he inevitably faces reality, their backlash against the new leader will be all the more severe.

Sure, the new House leadership will have an even higher chance of causing real damage to the U.S. economy through another shut down, or a brush with default. But politically speaking, I don't see how Boehner's replacement won't further harm the Republican party at a perfect time for that to happen.

Yeah, I know. All of a sudden I'm Mr. Silver Linings. I promise to go back to my darkly clouded self after the Popepocalypse.