Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Cool clock

As Kevin Drum pointed out, Right Blogistan has all but ignored the story of how Ahmed Mohamed got arrest for building a clock, bringing it to school to show his teacher, and then stubbornly refused to tell anyone it was intended to be anything but a clock. (I looked around myself and the only conservative blog I found addressing the story is Terresa Monroe-Harrison at RightWingNews, who assumed that Ahmed got arrested on purpose after being put up to it by his father and/or CAIR)

In any case, I bet the crickets on the right are about to stop, now that Obama has tweeted about it.

UPDATE: Kevin Drum has updated the post I linked to above. He also thinks that because Obama (and Clinton too, apparently) have tweeted in support of Ahmed, the bloggers on the right will have to break their silence. But Drum wonders how the right wing bloggers will handle it:
But it poses a dilemma for them. Even conservatives can't really defend what happened here. On the other hand, they can hardly agree with Obama, can they? What to do?
That's an easy one. They will go the Terresa Monroe-Harrison route and note that Ahmed Mohamed's father once debated that Florida pastor who burned the Quran, which means that his dad was a member of the Muslim Brotherhood and/or ISIS, which means that Ahmed built the clock to get himself arrested so his dad could make a political point.