Monday, September 21, 2015

Jeb is still partying like it's 2003

Honestly, I have no idea what makes this ad "disgraceful" other than the fact that it criticizes Jeb Bush and paints his brother's presidency in a bad light. I don't think there's any question that the advertisement is accurate.

I also think Jeb's reaction, citing the fact that Clinton is a "New Yorker" shows, once again, Jeb Bush's complete blindless when it comes to his brother. Quite a lot of of New Yorkers died on W's watch, both from the 9/11 attacks and the 188 New Yorkers who were killed in Bush's senseless war in Iraq. That's just the ones who were killed, not all the war injured. There were also the New Yorkers who were definitely not safe when letters with Anthrax were sent to New York City.

The "Bush kept us safe" line was considered to be common wisdom during the crazy period when the country largely rallied behind Bush after 9/11. It took a few years, but eventually that madness passed, and most of the country realized that just how absurd the claim really is. Unfortunately for Jeb Bush, he is not most of the country. He is largely surrounded by defenders of his brother's presidency. In that bubble he is only exposed to opinions that are largely discredited to the rest of us.

That's why I think he keeps flubbing questions and statements about his brother's legacy. Jeb just can't see what most of the country sees. Not where he is right now, and not where he ever is likely to be. It is a major weakness of his presidential candidacy, especially when (if) he gets out of the primaries and starts talking to the general electorate.

Screaming "disgraceful" for questioning the irresponsibility of George W. Bush was a pretty effective way to shut up dissenters before 2004. Thankfully, we are no longer the same country that goes nuts because a performer says something as mild as expressing embarrassment for being from the same state as president Bush. Jeb will continue to run into problems with his candidacy because he can't seem to see that.