Wednesday, September 30, 2015

The big lie works with true believers, but not so much with everyone else

I'm not sure how this is playing within the rightwing media bubble, but in the past week Carly Fiorina has definitely solidified the impression that she is a serial liar with a lot of people outside that bubble. Because many of her biggest lies focus on Planned Parenthood, I suspect that many purveyors of the right's media machine are not fully aware of how badly this is tarnishing her image. But it is.

Not that her popularity with the general public matters much, because she will never get the GOP nomination. Then again, they all seem unelectable to me and yet someone has to get nominated. For a while I assumed the Republicans would flirt with everyone else before looping back to Jeb!, like they did with Romney last time. But Jeb! has turned out to be such an awful candidate (could he be even worse that Mittens?), that now I'm thinking it will end up being Rubio.