Wednesday, November 04, 2015

More evidence that PA is swinging away from being a swing state

Pennsylvania used to be one of the "swing states" but ever since I moved here in 1999, it has been steadily evolving into a straight-up blue state. In presidential years, PA has not given its electoral votes to the republican candidate since 1988. That's  26  27 years ago.1 That's a long time. Nevertheless, some political commentators still seem to think that PA swings. Candidates too! Remember when Romney did a last minute blitz into PA because he thought he had a chance to win the state?

But as PA's tendency to vote democrat in presidential elections has finally begun to sink in, the prevailing wisdom is still that Pennsylvania democrats still have a disadvantage in off-year elections. With yesterday's sweep in the PA Supreme Court races, I wonder if that's not true anymore either. 

1-corrected my math. Sorry about that -Noz (11/8/15)