Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Not Scandalized By Cruz

I'm sure plenty of people who already hate Ted Cruz are going to be jumping on the he-leaked-classified-information bandwagon. I already hate Ted Cruz, but still I would urge caution about this possible scandal for two reasons:

First, as Josh Marshall pointed out this is more of a political fight than an actual investigation into whether someone broke the law and mishandled classified info. I don't want to rely too much on the word "partisan", because a lot of people who hate Cruz and want to stop his current perceived ascent are also in the Republican party. But the charges are "partisan" in the sense that the people bringing them have a political agenda. That is really what is driving this. I don't think there is any real concern that national security was really compromised. This is just a hook to hang an anti-Cruz attack on for the people who were looking for such a hook.

Second, too much stuff is classified. Over-classification is more of a scandal than any at-worst minor breach that may have occurred. In that sense, if Cruz did reveal classified information he did us all a favor by showing just how something that is clearly within the public interest is being hidden from the American public. If you jump on Cruz for this kind of breach, you are supporting the legitimacy of the over-classification regime.