Sunday, December 27, 2015

Posting Aftcast

Back in the day, I used to warn youse guys when there was a period of slow posting ahead. The problem was that I sometimes predicted wrong (that is the posting did not, in fact, slow), but my prediction caused a major drop off in my hit numbers. That was before I decided that I hate all my readers (kidding) when I thought that hit numbers mattered. So I changed my policy and I purposely did not warn anybody about slow posting. What was the point anyway? Periods of slow posting would be evident anyway when posts more slowly appeared here. There really was no reason to put up another post before then telling everyone that there would be less posts.

So instead, this time I will announce that a period of slow posting in behind. That's not guarantee that anything will be different ahead. But the posts behind are definitely slow. With this kind of prediction (a prediction about the past), I can even show you evidence: check out the date stamps of the last few posts. Also that Christmas day one was a cheat. I set that one up to future post who knows how long ago. I didn't even remember I did it until I saw it had appeared. I haven't actually written a post for days, and before that I didn't write one for a few more days before that. There has really only been one new post in the past week. That counts as slow for me.

Anyway, I think that period is over now. In fact, I'm sure of it. Except that the new period coming up could be exactly the same, or it could be different. Just like always.