Monday, January 04, 2016

New Conspiracy Theory That I Just Made Up

The current spat between Saudi Arabia and Iran is just a ruse to cause world oil prices to go up. Because of the nuclear deal, Iran will finally regain access to the international oil market, but that is just going to dump more oil into a supply where the commodity is already selling at a really low price. Normally that would drive prices down further, screwing over both Iran and Saudi Arabia.

So what's the solution for KSA, one of the world's biggest oil producer that depends entirely on oil prices to sustain its unsustainable wealth? Create a bullshit crisis with another large oil producer! That will cause panic in the market, oil prices will spike, and both Riyadh and Tehran reap the benefits!

No I don't believe this theory. I'm just throwing it out there because I am convinced that someone else will believe it and insist that KSA and Iran are somehow in cahoots if gas prices go up.