Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Trump is a bigger fuckup than I thought

I gotta agree with Steve M. on this. I have thought that Trump's one real talent was self-promotion and the ability to play up to a crowd. But having Malik Obama as his guest in tonight's presidential debate is remarkably stupid showmanship.

You could argue that having the women who have accused Bill Clinton of harassment and (in one case) assault might rattle Hillary during the debate. I didn't think that would happen (all of the accuser's claims are old news, so the odds of rattling seemed low to me), but you could at least argue there was a plausible debate strategy there. But with Malik Obama there is no strategy. He is just a non-U.S. citizen who does not support Hillary Clinton. Why would Clinton care? He is not Clinton's relative, I don't think they even know each other, and as a foreign citizen, he can't even vote.(see update) Also, Clinton is not so close to Obama that she would take personal umbrage at some random disaffected relative of Barrack appearing in the room. Remember, Obama's national prominence started in a rivalry with Hillary Clinton. They have gotten along recently, but I don't think they are best friends on a personal level.

There simply is not strategy there. All it can do is throw red meat to the Breitbart crowd, and even with that only the portion of the Breitbart crowd who are too stupid to reflect on how little sense this makes. This is going to make both Trump and his supporters look really really dumb. How is that going to help him in the debate?

So much for the one thing that I thought Donald could do well.

UPDATE: Oops, apparently Malik is a naturalized citizen. So he can vote for Trump. That doesn't change my point though. He's just one vote, why would Clinton care?