Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Donald Trump is increasing your kid's tuition bills

That line at the end is absolutely right. People don't realize this, but foreign college students subsidize college costs for American students. The U.S. happens to have a college and university system that attracts a lot of foreign students. Almost every American college and university does not give financial aid to foreigners. Which means they1 pay the full sticker price for college whereas quite a lot of American college students get some kind of aid. A lot of the aid packages given to American students are only possible because of all the tuition dollars received for foreign students. If the foreign students don't come, that means less money for financial aid, which means Americans' real college costs will go up.

Trump's draconian restrictions on legal immigrants (even if blocked indefinitely by the courts) is going to scare away foreigners and make college cost more for American students.

1- "They" doesn't necessarily mean the foreign student. A lot of foreign governments have scholarships to pay to send their students to U.S. institutions. But the U.S. institutions usually get the full tuition for foreign students, regardless who is paying.