Friday, May 12, 2017

Keep this in mind

If there's one constant in politics, it is that the Democrats have an unending capacity to go into something with a big advantage and then to completely blow it. Trumps dumpster-fire presidency is creating a major opportunity for the Democrats in every election (both on year and off) between now and 2020. Yes, even if Trump resigns, is impeached, or is removed for mental incapacity, the Democrats should still be able to stick the Republican Party and President Pence with the stink of Trump. And 2020 is particularly important because whoever controls the state houses in the 2020 census is going to set the stage for the next decade of congressional districts.

But Democrats can screw it up. They might not, and it is hard to see how they could if Trump keeps shooting himself in both feet every other second. But never underestimate Democrats' ability to fuck up their best opportunities.