Monday, July 24, 2017

Has anyone told the President that forcing cabinet members out has a cost?

I realize that the President is not strategically oriented in his thinking, but while people are still talking about whether Trump is trying to get rid of his Attorney General, now we are hearing that his Secretary of State might be on his way out as well.

If the President wants to get anything done, that is crazy. As it is, his legislative agenda has stalled and more than six months in, even though his party controls both houses of Congress. He still hasn't nominated, much less gotten confirmed, dozens of mid-and lower level executive appointments. The last thing he needs is for Senators to get tied down in another big fight over a cabinet position, much less two high profile cabinet positions (we're talking Justice and State, not something like Housing and Urban Development, and Agriculture). The Senate is already canceling half of its summer break because it can't handle all the stuff that is currently on its plate.