Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Silver linings

Trump's second, until yesterday undisclosed, meeting with Putin at the G-20 had no witnesses and there are no notes has a silver lining. There is nothing in writing to establish that Trump promised anything and that means there really isn't any promise.

Trump is a pathological liar. Almost everything he says is incorrect and he changes his story often from day to day. I don't think he even realizes how unreliable he is. When he says he will do something, he might mean it at the time. But that won't stop him from doing something totally different later. Simply put, his word is not worth anything.

So whatever he told Putin he would do is no more likely to happen after the meeting than before it. Without written evidence of his commitment, it is like the promise was never made.

I guess it is possible, maybe even likely, that Trump blurted out some classified information that should not have been passed on to the Russian leader (like he did that other time he met with Russian officials). That might be the real damage to the meeting. But we shouldn't worry that Trump made any special promises to help Putin out. I mean, he could have made promises. But that doesn't mean he is any more likely he will follow through.