Saturday, April 20, 2019

Time for another one

This is my current ranking of the people running for president next year (not including Trump). As with the other two times I did this, this is subject to change (and I am sure will change) long before I get my primary vote a year from now.

This time, I'm cribbing off of this list to get the candidates. I included all of the Democrats on the list who are listed as "running", plus Biden and Schultz from the "likely to run" and "might run" lists (because I think both will run even though I wish that neither would). I did not include anyone else outside of the "running" list, or either of the Republicans from the "running" list (i.e. Trump and Weld). As with my prior lists, the asterisk indicates people for whom I don't have enough information to have a real opinion. Those asterisked names are just in alphabetical order and should be considered as tied with each other. The ones after the asterisked names I really do not want to run, although two have already declared.

  1. Warren
  2. Harris
  3. Buttegieg
  4. Gillibrand
  5. Castro
  6. Booker
  7. Hickenlooper
  8. Klobuchar
  9. O'Rourke
  10. Inslee
  11. Messam*
  12. Ryan*
  13. Stallwell*
  14. Williamson*
  15. Yang
  16. Sanders
  17. Biden
  18. Schultz
I guess I should add I am not on team-anyone yet, although I am getting pretty close to being team-Warren. She is the only one who is running a really substantive campaign. Even though I don't agree with every bit of all of her detailed proposals, she is the only one running this way and if everyone did it, it would be a vast improvement over the personality--and-frivolity-driven campaigns we always have.