Wednesday, January 08, 2020

Someone should step up to the suck up

I kinda want to see what would happen if a country, ideally for my thought experiment a country that has been really demonized in the U.S. for years like Iran, just went into full suck-up mode towards Trump. I mean, what if the Iranian leadership sent Trump an extremely complementary letter, invited him to visit, rolled out the red carpet, announced financing for a Trump Tower Tehran, announced an investigation into Hunter Biden, gave Ivanka a bunch of patents on her shitty product line, gave a speech about what a strong leader Trump has been, gave Don Jr. an all-expense paid trip to Iran to hunt his favorite endangered species, agree to slap their own tariffs to mirror the tariffs that Trump has imposed on China and other countries, etc.

If Iran did all of that, what would Trump give them in return? Would sanctions get lifted? Would Iran become Trump's newest BFF just as Kim Jong-Un's shine seems to be fading?

Of course, I don't think Iran would ever do it. They are run by a bunch of religious fanatics, and they need to worry about the widespread discontent among their population and the periodic anti-government protests it produces, which would only get worse if their leadership suddenly became Trump's #1 toadies. But surely some other country out there could pull it off. what about an absolute dictatorship like Equatorial Guinea or Turkmenistan? The President of the most powerful nation on earth is an easily manipulated narcissist. Someone needs to step up to the plate! Why is everyone leaving such a golden opportunity on the table?