Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Sloppiness has consequences

Doesn't this mean that next week, President Biden can easily remove the designation of the Houthi insurgent group as a terrorist organization, claiming that Pompeo's move violated the statute?
The statute for designating new terrorist organizations requires the White House to notify Congress of its intent to designate foreign terrorist organizations at least seven days in advance. Congressional aides noted that the department sent its notice on the briefing within hours of Pompeo issuing his announcement.
Also, I find it really weird that press reports are referring to Pompeo's move as designating "the Houthis" as a terrorist organization. The Houthis are a tribe of Arabs who live in Northern Yemen. You can't designate an entire clan as a terrorist organization. Technically, the DOS announcement designates Ansarallah as the terrorist organization, which is the Houthi-dominated insurgent movement. I guess news organizations realize that few are familiar with the term "Ansarallah", but that's also kinda their fault because the media has pretty consistently referred to the rebel group in Yemen as "the Houthis."