Thursday, February 25, 2021

No one is poll obsessing about Biden

Why are Trump-based polls still on the front page of 538? Are they pining for the craziness and drama of when we had mad king Shitler in charge? It is funny how a poll-obsessed site is completely uninterested in highlighting the polling data for the current U.S. President. We are five weeks in to the Biden era, get with the times 538!

Also, let's face it, Trump's polls were really fucking boring. Early on I kept waiting for the bottom to drop out in his approval numbers. Trump always polled badly, his approval never really got above the low-40s, but it was also remarkably stable. The was a core of 30-35% of the public that simply would not abandon him no matter what. The bottom never dropped out because of that hard floor. He also had a hard ceiling, the majority of Americans who hated Trump's guts. Between the floor in the low thirties and his ceiling in the low forties, Trump's approval rating just didn't have much room to move. So it stayed effectively a straightish but wiggly line for almost the entire four years he was President.