Tuesday, March 09, 2021

Vaccine passports

I wonder how long before some businesses (like airlines, for example) start requiring proof of COVID vaccination before they let people use their services. Something like that might dispel some of the vaccine hesitancy, maybe even enough to get to herd immunity levels.

I mean, personally, I'm not boarding a plane until I am fully vaccinated. But even after I am, I would be more comfortable flying if I knew that everyone with me in that tube of recycled air is also vaccinated. Right now, with less than 10% of the population fully vaccinated and less than 20% fully vaccinated, it isn't economically viable for any business to turn away unvaccinated people, nor is it fair as long as access to the vaccines are limited to only certain professions and age groups. But once we get past the shortages that necessitate those rules and anyone who wants a vaccine can get one, I'm all for making rules to further incentivize people get the shots.