Monday, April 12, 2021

We had a really serious phone call where we discussed really serious stuff but we're not going to tell you what specifically we decided to do about it

Unless they actually do something (like fund candidates in state government who oppose new voting restrictions), I'm going to dismiss this as useless posturing. Corporate America clearly thinks that voting rights matters for its customers. That's why they leaked the news of this call to the Washington Post. If the titans of American industry wanted to make a serious difference, they would do something like create an "Expand the Vote" Super-PAC, lavish it with their donations and put Stacy Abrams in charge so she has the discretion about which candidates to rain its riches upon.

But I bet they won't do anything like that. If they don't actually care about the issue but care about looking like they care about the issue, it's a lot easier to just tell reporters they are seriously discussing the issue in a phone call that none of us know what was actually said, and leave it at that.