Thursday, September 23, 2021

Meta Bounty

My latest idea for a new bounty law is if New York passed its own bounty law creating a cause of action against anyone who files a lawsuit under the Texas Abortion bounty law (or any other copy-cat bounty laws that may be passed in another state). The NY law could create a right to sue anyone who files a lawsuit under the Texas bounty law. If successful in the NY lawsuit, the plaintiff would be able to collect $20,000 (double of the TX law bounty amount) plus legal fees. New York would be the best place to pass such a law because a whole lot of banks in the U.S. have offices in NYC. So while "disbarred and disgraced" Oscar Stilley might live in Arkansas, maybe he has a bank account with Wells Fargo, which has an office in New York City, theoretically making his assets subject to collection by a New York court.

Of course, the idea isn't necessarily about generating lawsuits under such a NY law. The creators of the TX law said that were not trying to create a lot of bounty lawsuits, they were just trying to deter abortion providers from operating. Likewise, pro choice people might pass the NY law not to spur a bunch of lawsuits against anti-abortion bounty-seekers, but rather just to deter anyone from using the TX law. 

I'm sure such a bounty on bounty lawsuits law would be instantly struck down. But at least it would bring more attention to how stupid and destructive these bounty laws can be. In any case, I assume the right to lifers will lose all interest in bounty-style laws as soon as the Supreme Court rules on Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health Organization next year.