Wednesday, September 08, 2021

The California Recall Process is an Expensive Pointless Mess

 If the polls are right,1 Gavin Newsom will survive the recall vote later this month. But if the polls are wrong, and Newsom is recalled, then probably Larry Elder will become governor of California with about 20% of the vote. Elder, a rightwing crank, would lead one of the bluest state with only a slender minority of support. Which means the day after he wins the recall election, there will be an effort to recall Elder, and because he is so out of tune with the majority politics in that state and will never be able to muster 50% support, he is highly likely to lose such a vote.

So at best, Elder will be CA Governor for maybe a year, and the state will waste millions of dollars on multiple recall elections to install and then remove someone who never has a majority of support among Californians.

1-That may be a big if, polls have not been very right lately.