Wednesday, October 06, 2021


Every lawyer who does litigation has had a witness who ignores all their instructions and wrecks their case, so my sympathies to Joe Sibley for trying to represent the worst attorney in America at his deposition:

Throughout all of this, attorneys for both sides kept trying to convince Giuliani to stop talking.

He revealed details that included trash talk about Sidney Powell: “She wasn’t as collegial maybe is a nice way to put it, which isn’t unusual for lawyers that tend to be prima donnas.”

He was met with protestations from his own attorney at times. At one point, Giuliani was asked about reporting suggesting that, on the night of the election, he told a group of senior Trump advisers in the White House to “just say that we won.”

Giuliani attorney Joe Sibley kept interjecting to say “we’re asserting privilege” and to tell Giuliani “don’t disclose whatever you said to them,” but Rudy plowed ahead.

“You asked a question and I’m going to finish it,” he fumed to the plaintiff attorney. “And I’m hardly going to tell someone to make an allegation and just say it without having substantial amount of proof of it.”

Giuliani obliquely suggested that he would never — never — make an allegation without heaps of evidence.

“And everything I alleged, I have at least one and usually 10 or 15 affidavits to support except nobody wants to look at them,” he added.