Wednesday, November 03, 2021

still alive

Hey sorry for neglecting the blog these past few weeks. The funny thing is that I got COVID (it ended up being a mild breakthrough case), but I first got sick on October 12, so as you can see below it didn't really interrupt my posting although I didn't mention I was ill at that time.

Actually the worst part of my COVID experience was having to isolate myself for 10 days following the appearance of my symptoms. Being confined alone in my bedroom for a whole week when I was feeling fine was pretty rough. If anything explains my lack of posting since I got out of COVID jail, it's all the catch-up work I had to do after I finally got out.

But part of it might have just been my mood. I don't ever post here unless I feel like it. At one point early in this blog's existence I got the idea that I should post every day. But that just meant I would put up stuff for no good reason and was often just a rehashing of something I saw elsewhere. I don't see any point in doing that so my urge to post every day dissipated pretty fast. Nowadays I don't feel the urge to post stuff here unless I don't see anyone else saying what I'm thinking. Sometimes I just don't have an original thought for a while.

In any case, posting should return to whatever passes as normal here soon. Or maybe not. Everyone should keep clicking on this blog anyway though. Inflate my visitor stats even if I'm not doing anything to deserve it!