Thursday, December 02, 2021

Dr. Oz committed voter fraud in PA, he thinks that makes him eligible to be Senator

Dr. Mehmet Oz, a celebrity physician known as the host of the “Dr. Oz Show,” announced on Tuesday that he would run for Senate in Pennsylvania, jumping into a crowded Republican primary for an open seat that is crucial to both parties’ quest for a Senate majority in 2022.

His principal residence, however, has long been in Bergen County in New Jersey, where he voted. He has also become a registered Pennsylvania voter, listing an address that is a home owned by his mother-in-law in Montgomery County, in the Philadelphia suburbs
So basically Dr. Oz's only qualification for being governor of Pennsylvania is the fact that he fraudulently voted in that state in last year's elections.

The GOP primary for this Senate seat is going to be heavily contested and nasty. There is a zero percent chance that Oz is a carpet bagger will not be brought up by other Republican campaigns, not to mention the fact that he is running for the nomination of in a party that is currently obsessed with voter fraud after apparently committing voter fraud in this Commonwealth.

That's not even getting to the fact that his first name is not "Doctor" it's Mehmet, the Turkish version of Mohammed. "Mehmet" is what will be on the ballot. That will be the ballot for the Republican primary. You know, the party that has openly embraced outright racism and hostility to anything relating to Islam or middle eastern culture in recent years. Good luck with that!