Friday, April 15, 2022

Scaredy cats

Once again I'm baffled that Democrats are not taking advantage of stuff like this and constantly bringing up the fact that the entire Republican party is too scared and weak to subject any of their candidates to a debate. Just have every single prominent Democrat spend a week talking about how Republicans are completely unable to defend their own ideas and are terrified that other people will force them to answer questions about their terrible programs. Just keep dropping buzz words like "scared" and "safe spaces" again and again and again.

Sure, the news media seems constitutionally inclined to only run with th breakouts that are generated on the right. I agree its an uphill battle. But Democrats still need to have that battle. If Democrats just kept turning the conversation, every conversation, back to the mind-boggling cowardice openly displayed by the Republican party, and bring up those points again and again, talking about little else, it will force some coverage of the issue.