Wednesday, July 27, 2022

Wedges sometimes move

It is funny how gay marriage has gone from being a wedge issue for Democrats to a wedge issue for Republicans in a really short period of time. Just ten years ago, Obama was refusing to publicly endorse marriage equality, floating bullshit middle grounds like civil unions, etc. The idea that people of the same sex could get married was considered by virtually every political commentator to be a leftist radical idea, that would alienate centrist voters and spell doom to any candidate who embraced that in a national race.

That turned out to be completely untrue. After Obergefell v. Hodges legalized same sex marriage nationally in 2015, we found out that "centrist voters" had gay friends too and accepting they could get married wasn't a big deal after all. Now, with gay marriage a legal fact for 7 years and the public broadly supportive of marriage equality, Republicans are the ones terrified to take a clear position on the issue.

I like that story just because it shows how quickly things can flip and political positions on the margins can suddenly become mainstream. It reminds me that the shitty stuff going on now can change very quickly. We just have to keep working to get there.