Wednesday, August 17, 2022

I don't give a shit about Liz Cheney

Sure, I'm glad she stood up to Trump, but it doesn't seem like all the attention to her inevitable primary loss is really necessary. We all knew she was going to lose big, even Cheney knew it. So why is it a big news story when what everyone expected to happen happened?

An annoying thing about the political coverage in the U.S., is reporters cover personalities not issues. Issues are what matter. Our coverage doesn't reflect that at all. For example, there is a ton more ink spilled about how Manchin and Schumer managed to secretly negotiate the Inflation Reduction Act, how Sinema almost sunk the deal before signing on to a slightly changed version, how McConnell and other Republicans threw a hissy fit and endangered veterans health in retaliation when they learned about the deal, et cetera, et cetera, than about what is actually in the bill. What is in the bill, now law, is the most important thing! The content of the law is what matters, not the stupid drama leading up to its passage. I don't know why reporters who supposedly cover the lawmaking process are so completely uninterested in what the laws will actually do.

It's the same thing with Cheney. The Republican who sacrificed her political future for her principles is the kind of storyline that our press loves. But it doesn't matter and the fact that Cheney was killing her ability to be elected as a Republican was already obvious to everyone. The story doesn't tell anyone anything they actually need to know. I'm spending forever trying to figure out when would be the best time to get solar panels installed on my roof given the new incentives in the IRA law, but it is extremely hard to find any article that answers those basic questions about how the final legislative actually works. And maybe if the press reported on the substance of bills, it would be harder for opponents to repeatedly utter bullshit about what the bill says.