Tuesday, December 06, 2022

I'd rather be placing workers than reading The Twitter Files

This is a few days late, but I'm linking to this Kevin Drum post about the Hunter Biden laptop, and the Taibbi/Musk "reveal" of The Twitter FilesTM last weekend, just so I can easily find it again if I need to.

I only kinda saw the hubbub because I was occupied by Pax Unplugged. When I later went back and tried to catch up with the scandal I thought I'd missed, it was quickly apparent that Taibbi had a nothingburger. The only surprise is that Taibbi did not seem to get why Twitter's decision to try to enforce its own code of conduct in response to a complaint by a private party is not scandalous at all. Matt Taibbi is another one of those people who I used to think was smart.

For future reference, I highly recommend focusing your attention on a boardgame nerdfest over chasing down whatever bullshit Elon Musk is pushing. I can guarantee that whatever Musk is pushing will be worth less of your time than learning the rules to Ark Nova or Barrage.