Monday, March 20, 2023

While I'd like a nice Nauryz present as much as anyone...

I can see the building excitement for tomorrow in certain online spaces. But the hard fact is that the only source for the proposition that Trump will be arrested tomorrow is Trump himself. It is definitely possible that Trump's lawyers were advised that he will be asked to surrender on that date, the lawyers told Trump, and Trump doesn't know how to keep his fucking mouth shut. But it also possible that the whole story came out of the fevered paranoia of a narcissist's mental decline.

(Elise Stafanik's assertion that the arrest story was an "illegal leak" is hilarious, by the way. How is it illegal exactly? And if it is illegal to leak that information, wouldn't that just be another crime that Trump committed since he is the leaker?)

For the record, I think Trump should be arrested. There has been sufficient evidence to arrest Trump for multiple reasons for years, and almost anyone else with that much misconduct in the public record would have been behind bars a while ago. After all, Michael Cohen has already served time for helping Trump make the illegal Stormy Daniels payment.

And cut the bullshit about how arresting a presidential candidate is unamerican and unprecedented. If America stands for anything is should be the equal application of the law, and arresting a presidential candidate has happened several times before in American history (Eugene Debbs ran for president while in prison). Hell, there is even a precedent for arresting a presidential candidate for this same exact offense.