Thursday, May 11, 2023

Only Jew-ish but he has chutzpah

George Santos' scandals just get weirder and weirder. Running for Congress (or any political office) means putting yourself in the public's eye. Sure, sometimes the press doesn't pay attention and the public is apathetic to details. Just by running it means you are putting a lot of information out there, which could fly under the radar for some period of time. But it's still out there for anyone to see if they look. Santos' frauds were open and obvious at the same time he was taking on a very public role. It's like murdering someone and then putting a video of the murder on a bench in a public park, hoping that no one bothers to watch it.

Or like having a person who doesn't exist listed in official documents as the campaign's treasurer, i.e. the person responsible for keeping track of the donor's contributions and the campaign's money.