Saturday, November 18, 2023

What the world needs is someone else writing about Israel and Gaza

It's weird how little I have posted about the Israel/Gaza situation here, especially considering how much I have thought about it. It just happened to get really busy with my work right around the same time as the 10/7 attack occurred. So when world events occurred that normally would have gotten me blogging, I was so busy that my goof off online opportunities were more restricted than usual.

I'm also pretty sickened by the whole thing. I hate the sloganeering. It seems like a lot of the discussions, if you can call it that, about the conflict are really just people throwing terms which are loaded with assumptions and often don't make a lot of sense if try to figure out what they really mean. This has always been the case with the I/P conflict. Years ago, I wrote about how the phrase "does not recognize Israel's right to exist" drives me crazy. But it's not just that phrase. "Human shields" is another one that doesn't hold up to even a minimal amount of scrutiny. Maybe I'll write a post about that soon. Oh wait, it looks like I've already written that post. Three times in fact.

I've been writing this blog for 20 years (!!!!) Israel has brutalized Gaza several times since I started writing here, and attacks against Israelis are no rare thing either. Is there anything I can write now that I haven't written before? It just feels like shouting into the void. Except blogs are so marginal these days and I have such a small audience, I don't really think I can call it shouting.