Monday, March 25, 2024

Can someone just write IS-K?

This only comes up when the Islamic State Khorasan does something awful so it always seems petty for me to raise the issue, but why does the press always call them ISIS-K?

“ISIS” stands for “the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria” (or sometimes “…of Iraq and Sham”, Sham being an old Arabic word for what it now the area around Syria. Sham sometimes gets translated as "the Levant” which is what for a why some called ISIS “ISIL”).  “Khorasan” is an old term for the region of what used to be the Eastern part of greater Persia, so what is now Afghanistan and the Southern parts of former Soviet Central Asia. In other words, not Iraq or Syria. “Islamic State Khorasan” should be ISK or IS-K, not ISIS-K. What is that second set of IS in the acronym supposed to stand for?