Friday, April 19, 2024

Israeli leadership displaying signs of advanced stage blob brain

They did it. Israel apparently attacked a military base in Isfahan. The consensus of foreign affairs bobbleheads seems to be that because the attack was small it signals that Israel is trying to de-escalate. Do you know what actual de-escalation looks like? Not attacking at all.

But I guess Israel can't handle being the responsible party. So instead, they blew up something with no apparent military purpose. Maybe it also injured or killed Iranians, but Israel and the Blob seem to be completely unconcerned about that. This isn't about humanity or concern about human life, it is about blowing stuff up to "send a message." I don't understand why states have to act like psychopaths to "send a message." If they wanted to "send a message" why not, you know, send a message. Like an email or a fancy diplomatic communique through an intermediary.

And now everyone is expecting Iran will not retaliate because the attack was supposedly small. But who decides what is small? If an Iranian drone had caused an explosion in an Israeli military base in Dimona, Israel would not consider it to be small. If Israel didn't really want to spark a larger regional war, its entire strategy depends upon Iran acting like a more responsible actor than Israel is capable of. And somehow that is supposed to make Israel look like it is in the right? As I said yesterday, Israeli leaders are really acting like crazy people.

UPDATE: Does this mean there will not be a ground invasion of Rafah? (I'm betting the answer is no).