Wednesday, April 03, 2024

Rogue Nation

I realize there's a lot of awful coming out of the conflict in the Middle East, but I'm somewhat surprised that Israel isn't receiving any real blowback from their decision to intentionally bomb a diplomatic complex in Syria.

Embassies and consulates are supposed to be off-limits, even for countries you hate. It was Iran's takeover the U.S. embassy in Tehran that first got it the "rogue nation label." The U.S. bombed the Chinese embassy in Belgrade, but they insisted it was an accident. It still got a lot of blowback from it.

But Israel intentionally bombed the Iranian consulate in Damascus. They're not denying it. In fact the Israelis seemed to think it was a successful operation to assassinate Iranian miliary leaders who were there. It's a clear violation of international law, but it really looks like no one gives a shit. I'm guessing its because it was an Iranian diplomatic facility. There seems to be a tacit agreement in the Western World than anything goes when it comes to Iran.

UPDATE (4/4/24): It looks like Israel did get a bit of blowback at the UN for this (although the U.S., Britain, and France abstained). I guess the diplomatic outrage just got less coverage because it was overwhelmed by the World Central Kitchen killings.