Wednesday, May 01, 2024


I understand the panic. The war in Gaza puts Democrats in a tight spot electorally. I'm also not convinced that if Biden got really harsh with the Israelis (as I think he should) that would be a net vote gain for Democrats in November. Realistically, there are real perils no matter what the President does. (In my mind that just means he should call the different scenarios a wash and just do the right thing. But he might not agree with me about what a right thing is).

And yet, the best way out of this for Democrats is if the war in Gaza ends as soon as possible. So in that sense, using all influence they have over Israel to get them to stop is really their best bet. If the war is over it will quickly stop being a top news story and because the American public can have such short memories, it might feel like ancient history by November. But only if the war ends soon. Like really soon. Other actions, like supporting hard crack downs on protesters will only generate more reasons to panic about the election.