Friday, December 16, 2011

my annual echo bitch (last one, really, i mean it this time!)

why are my echo comments in reverse order all of a sudden? does anyone know how to fix it? [never mind! i should have looked at my archives before i asked. apparently echo pulls this shit every year]

this was the year i was finally going to ditch this comment system by not paying the annual fee. yeah, i know i always say that. so realistically, i knew i might not ever get around to it.

then i got an email the other day that my credit card was automatically charged for the 2012 fee. i don't remember ever authorizing that. it was probably buried in the "terms of service" i clicked through when i paid last year. so now i'm determined to ditch these fuckers.

if anyone can suggest an alternative comment system, i'm all eyes. the key point is i want to be able to export all the existing comments to the new system and have them end up associated with the original post. i'm hoping that isn't too much to ask. it also would be nice if it was free. but i'll settle for anything i don't hate as much as echo.