Saturday, September 01, 2012

the ratings are in!

so to answer my question from a few days ago, not as many as before. ratings were 50% or more lower than they were in 2008 on all the tv networks that broadcast it except fox.

since i wrote that earlier post, i did start seeing people comment about the convention in ways indicating that they were watching, particularly the ryan speech and that dirty harry yelling at an empty chair thing.

and, spurred by the ryan speech, the news media did end up highlight some of the lies much better than i expected. i guess the ryan speech just reached a level of dishonesty that contradicted so much of the media's own reporting, they could not but react. it's about time. if this represents a change in the way that romney-ryan is covered, then something that mattered might have actually happened at the convention. if that proves to be true, i would be quite happy to be wrong.