Thursday, October 03, 2013

Breaking the Hastur Rule

It's worth pointing out again, that the government would not be shut down if John Boehner just allowed any of the half dozen clean Continuing Resolutions that were passed by the Senate to come to a vote in the House. It would only need 17 Republicans to vote for the measure, and 17 have already indicated they support a clean CR.

This isn't about a majority of the Senate wanting one thing and a majority of the House wanting something else. A majority of both chambers is willing to pass the same thing that the President is willing to sign. It's just that John Boehner won't allow his chamber to vote on that thing because he knows it would pass and the lunatics who are currently running his party would blame him for it and take away his perks. That's why poor kids won't get food. But no one is allowed to talk about the shutdown story in those terms, because of the Hastur Rule.