Monday, December 30, 2013

Most unpopular war in U.S. History

It's also the longest. So why exactly is our political leadership so hung up on arm twisting the Afghans into continuing this thing for another decade?

I really don't get it. After 12 years the U.S. has not stabilized the country. The war is expensive, it costs American lives (not to mention the lives of non-Americans, but I'm focusing on the stuff that American leaders might care about), it warps American priorities and limits what the U.S. can do with surrounding countries, the Afghan public wants the U.S. out and the U.S. public wants U.S. troops out too. Other than military contractors who are profiting off of this, who exactly is the constituency for a continued American military presence? I don't understand how the small number of people in favor of continued intervention can outweigh the overwhelming number of reasons to get out.

I guess it's probably a monied minority vs. a largely apathetic majority. But I still think it's weird.