Thursday, June 04, 2015

All noncompete clauses are terrible

Actually, I think noncompete clauses should be banned for all employees, not just those working for less than $15 per hour. I realize the concern for higher paid people is that an engineer or developer will use company resources to learn all of the tricks of the trade and then go join their own company somewhere to use that knowledge to their unfair advantage. But so what? Without the loaded word "unfair" what exactly is the problem? We already have legal protection against the misuse of intellectual property. If the old Company wants to protect itself against former employees turning against them, why not try to keep their employees by treating them better?

But this is a good first step. But isn't the $15 threshold a little low? Several places have passed or are about to pass a $15 minimum wage, which means no one should be working for less than $15, so the ban on noncompete clauses wouldn't help anyone.

(via FGM)