Thursday, June 04, 2015

The Dan Quayle problem

Rick Perry's biggest problem is that after his 2012 run, a big chunk of America think he is stupid. You just can't recover from that. No matter how intelligent he really is (he could really be stupid. I really have no opinion either way), Perry will forever wear that brand with a sizable portion of the public. Everyone makes mistakes or says something stupid now and then. For most politicians dumb offhand remarks either won't be reported or will become some minor news item that is quickly forgotten. But because of the image he got in 2012, any time that Perry screws up, the news will be about what a stupid fuckup he is.

I don't think he has a serious chance of getting the Republican nomination, much less winning the presidency. If he wanted to preserve what's left of his image, Rick would have been better off sitting this one out.